3 Weddings. 9 days.

3 Weddings

9 Days

How surviving the bridesmaid train.

The formalities, the tears, the nonsense and everything in between.

1. Dress makers have the best excuses of why the suit/ dress is not fitting well. Do not get your dress made, unless she/he is ridiculously fab.

2. Tissues to be held with your bouquet so you can quickly dry those eyes. Wear waterproof mascara, to keep those panda eyes at bay.

3. Professional wedding photos are probably the most awkward thing and you realize how models have some seriously talent and skill to pose. So just smile and hope for the best!

4. Flat shoes to change into so you can continue your bridesmaid duties. Bridal runs!

5. Do not fight with the make up artist, even though you hate it. Bring your own make up bag to fix the above mishaps. (Don’t let the make up artist see as you don’t want to offend her).

6. Weddings seem to bring out people’s true colours. The good & the bad.

7. Family dynamics get magnified.“Oh dear, where are we going to put dad’s new ‘friend’? Mom hates her!?” My suggestion-if sitting inside put that person in the garden on their own. In other words keep feuding family members at opposite sides of the venue.

8. Inappropriate ass grabs by “taken” men is still a thing. Just because you’re a bridesmaid doesn’t mean your up for grabs.

9. Money is tight during wedding season, a card thanking the new couple will make their day. No need for extravagant gifts, it’s the small things that count. But please don’t come empty handed.

10. Just because your parents are the adults their behavior can be extremely juvenile when it comes to their child’s wedding.

11. Bride wars are a real thing. The slight critiquing throughout the day is quite hilarious by the upcoming brides to be.

12. Watch the grooms face when they see their bride for the first time is honestly one of the best parts of a wedding.

13. It’s a true honour to be part of someone’s special day so remember the above to get you through the day!



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